NATO's Cam Scam

On April 12, 1999, a NATO jet fired two rockets at a bridge over the Juzna Morava River south of Belgrade, hitting a train and killing 14 civilian passengers. NATO Supreme Commander General Wesley Clark quickly called a press conference, telling the world that the speeding train appeared from out of nowhere and the accident, while regrettable, was unavoidable. To bolster his argument, Clark showed a chilling video taken from a camera mounted in the rocket's nose. On January 6, the Frankfurter Rudschau revealed that Clark's presentation was a fraud--the video (which was seen around the world) had been shown "at triple its real speed." A NATO spokesman in Mons, Belgium admitted to Agence France-Press that the images had been altered by "a technical problem." A US Air Force spokesperson told the Frankfurter Rudschau, "We did not deem it useful to go public with this information after we noticed it."

© Earth Island Journal, summer 2000 issue