Secret Memo Reveals Monsanto Plot

UK--A confidential report leaked to GeneWatch UK [The Mill House, Manchester Road, Tideswell, Burton, Derbyshire SK17 8LN] outlines Monsanto's global campaign to promote its genetically modified (GM) products by infiltrating government and scientific bodies. The ten-page report details efforts to influence regulatory bodies in 20 countries. Sue Mayer of GeneWatch said the document revealed how Monsanto was "trying to manipulate the regulation of GM foods across the globe.... [T]hey are trying to buy influence with key individuals, stack committees with experts who support them, and subvert the scientific agenda." According to the document, Monsanto worked with cancer specialist David Khayat on an article "demonstrating the absences of links between GM food and cancers." The document reports that: "Contacts were made with the directors of Poison Control Centers in many countries, which should be especially useful to facilitate rational regulation" of GM foods. The document boasted that Monsanto was "instrumental" in getting sympathetic scientists into a World Health Organization summit on food safety and noted that the WHO's final report was "very supportive of plant biotechnology." The document can be viewed at GeneWatch web site.

© Earth Island Journal, Spring 2001