DU Does: Dead and Disabled

UK--In 1991, Jacksonville State University health physicist Doug Rokke was part of a US Army team sent to the Persian Gulf to help decontaminate 120 US soldiers exposed to weapons made from depleted uranium (DU). Addressing a global conference on DU hazards in Manchester last year, Rokke reported that every member of that team is now ill "and four are dead." The civilian scientists were flown in, Rokke explained, because terrified US Army medics "would not touch US troops!" Rokke criticized the media for describing the Pentagon's 120-mm artillery rounds as being "coated" or "tipped" with DU when, in fact, each round "is solid uranium-238." Rokke believes that "the use of DU munitions is a war crime. The world has to ban this."

© Earth Island Journal, Summer 2001