Excerpt from Foundation for a New Consciousness

Copyright © 1987 John Caris

From chapter 1 "A Dare"

 Even though we may not always agree with the ballad singers, the times are a-changin'. This essay describes my understanding of the drastic changes that have occurred in the 20th century. Is the here-and-now completely cut off from the past, or can we believe that "whatever inheritance left to us, to own it we must earn it dear"? (Quotation is from Johann Goethe's Faust.)

Today, many people are looking forward to a new age while others are waiting for the end to the present one. I address those who await change. We must begin building a foundation for a new consciousness. The time is ripe, so we should grab our cubic centimeter of chance and use it.

For a long time now the dichotomy between the arts and sciences has been bemoaned. Many artists and scientists have believed that they could never be joined again, yet the advent of a new consciousness heralds hope for a renewed and bountiful marriage.

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