Hermes Beckons
© 2006 John Caris


Chapter 1: Magic for All Occasions
Chapter 2: Sacred Clowns Possess Real Magic
Chapter 3: Melancholia Is One of the Muses
Chapter 4: Where Is Your Woman
Chapter 5: A Seeker Must Be Humble and a Realist
Chapter 6: Magic Is Alive
Chapter 7: The Way That Can Be Imaged Is Not the Way
Chapter 8: Facing the Absurdity of Existence with Joyous Laughter
Chapter 9: A Mystery Shrouds Life Itself
Chapter 10: All Creatures Have Their Spirit Guardians
Chapter 11: Accepting What’s Invisible Is Difficult
Chapter 12: Perhaps Another Manito Was Present
Chapter 13: Suffering Is the Origin of Consciousness
Chapter 14: The Search Is Inward
Chapter 15: He Must Become What He Is Not
Chapter 16: Transformation Is Alchemy’s Central Principle
Chapter 17: Seeking the Portal to the Immortals
Chapter 18: Play Is the Great Secret of Illusion
Chapter 19: Curiosity Often Leads Us into Unseen Dangers
Chapter 20: Laughter Keeps Him on the Edge of Existence
Chapter 21: Fishing Is Like Linking with the Spiritual Realm
Chapter 22: Snatching a Piece of Eternity from the Dragon
Chapter 23: Knowing the Emptiness Is Not Empty
Chapter 24: The Stone Grows in the Darkness of the Earth
Chapter 25: She Who Is Hidden Is Now Revealed
Chapter 26: Walking the Wild Side
Chapter 27: Secrets Revealed and Other Acknowledgments

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