Ring in the True
© 2008 June Johnson

The title is from lyrics in a Spiritualist hymn for the new year, “Ring out the false, ring in the true.”

The founding pastor of the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church, the Reverend Florence Becker, taught that Truth is divine, unchanging and eternal. As it is part of God, truth has to always have been—it doesn’t start and stop. We cannot add to truth or take away from it. Truth simply is.

Yet from a human perspective, divine eternal truth lies beyond ordinary comprehension. Our ability to perceive truth depends on a process of mental and spiritual development.

Each step we take toward Truth brings healing and harmony, and is, indeed, cause for celebration.

Consider, as we ring in this new year:

  1. In seeking Truth we allow the Truth expressed through the great spiritual teachers to encourage the expression of our truth today;
  2. In seeking Truth we continue to unfold our ability in stages of increasing awareness; and
  3. In seeking Truth we automatically gain the support and encouragement of the spiritual universe.

We cannot “ring in the true” by only studying or memorizing the words of our teachers, however great. We are each called upon to undertake our own journey of awakening to the higher vibrations so we can better express our own truth and better appreciate the truth of others.

Through development of our perception we extend our consciousness from the limits of the personal self to the higher self and harmonious alignment with our spirit forces or guides. This process of unfoldment leads us into a direct flow of truth and love from the universe which eternally encourages everyone’s highest and best.

Any amount of spiritual light in our lives is precious.

We know the light from our recognized teachers is precious. Yet if we fail to acknowledge and encourage any smaller light coming into our universe because it is not the great light of an already known teacher, we miss an opportunity to nurture the light in all of us.

Do not mistake this.

There is no teaching which is more important than nurturing the truth of light and harmony in one another.

In seeking Truth, our ability to perceive what is true unfolds in stages of awareness. Each gain takes us closer to Truth, and therefore each step is in fact a partial Truth, the best we’re able to comprehend at this time and under current circumstances.

When we undertake any program of study, we do best if we build a firm foundation of good study habits and attempt to comprehend the view of our instructors. This does not mean we have to permanently adhere to any particular point of view or practice, but ideally we’ll learn a process of discovery that proves useful for future investigations.

The scholarship we learn in school, the human relations we learn among family and friends, the enhanced physical and emotional expression we learn through sports and the arts, the moral precepts of our spiritual teachers, each gives us tools for testing what works. Not any one, but a foundation of all of these tools, physical, mental, emotional and moral are called upon as we seek to comprehend Spiritual Truth.

When I first became aware of receiving messages from within, I endlessly questioned the material that came to me. Was this information true? Or was I receiving nonsense? Was the message meant for me personally? Or was I to try to share it with others?

After diligently questioning for months, I perceived a message that described what I was receiving as “Curved Knowledge.”

This idea of “Curved Knowledge” was explained to me in this way: If I took the material I received to heart, my response would bring me closer to Truth.

In other words, my spirit helpers were offering me the nearest approximation I could understand with my present capability, and although it was not necessarily true in the “forever” sense, if I trusted my response, it would lead me to circle around the truth, gradually spiraling in toward a truth I was not yet ready to more fully comprehend.

Consider this. The highest truth we are at present able to understand is only part of all there is to know.

For example, our present experience may prove to be of far more value to us than we currently realize; or the higher good we seek may be right in front of us but we overlook it, not recognizing that it is part of the path of preparation we need to achieve our goal.

Remind yourself during this new year to remain open to still greater truth, and instead of entering your sittings with an agenda, consider asking how best to prepare yourself to recognize more of truth.

As the Reverend Florence Becker commented:

Don’t “sit” with a vibration of expectancy. This is a gross mistake. You are putting into motion a future time for something that is right here. Acceptance, yes, and be grateful for the crumbs. If you had the whole loaf now you wouldn’t know how to handle it.

This realization brings humility, but it should not prove discouraging. When we establish a foundation and build on it, we do make progress.

Before any interior work, make a practice of asking Infinite Intelligence and your spirit friends to guide your intent to the highest and best you are capable of at this time, or as a friend puts it, at your “current rate and range of vibration.”

Every Spiritualist teacher emphasizes the necessity of testing messages from spirit. There are systems we can learn and develop over a lifetime—such as learning characteristics of various planes of consciousness.

But if the failure to master a more complex system prevents you from undertaking the process of development, begin with common sense measures, enlisting capabilities you already have, such as your reason, your feelings and your imagination. I’ll list three types of questions you might ask:

1. How you would feel if you were to accept the message as true? Is your response encouraging? Does it lift your spirits? Does it inspire you to put forth your best efforts? Does it bring a feeling of well-being?

These are positive indicators. If, on the other hand, a message seems depressing or scary, or if it encourages your ego personality to feel superior to or try to control someone else, or ignore the feelings of another, immediately cut off the connection and ask Infinite Intelligence for greater insight and guidance for you and for whoever may have participated in bringing that message.

2. Does the timing seem right under your present circumstances?

Never force things. You may need time to prepare. Look to see if elements of the message synchronistically appear in your life, such as coming across an item that belonged to the spirit loved one who brought the message; or finding a book that explores questions raised by the message; or clarification of the message in a significant dream. The heightened awareness we gain looking for clues about timing is one of the delights of spiritual exploration.

3. If you acted as if the message were true, how would it affect those around you? Would they be justifiably uncomfortable?

Spirit messages may be surprising, and encourage us to test our limits, but they should feel right to us mentally, physically, emotionally and morally. We are responsible for our actions, for using own best judgment, and for giving spirit clear feedback from our human perspective.

Before taking action based on a message from within, imagine yourself following the advice given. Rehearse in your mind, step by step as far as you can into the future, how life would unfold. Pay attention to how you feel about the outcome. Take time to also imagine any other scenarios that occur to you. If you think of a more comfortable idea, check in again with your spirit friends.

In my experience, the more uncomfortable our actions make others feel, the less likely we have understood the highest truth we’re capable of perceiving. An axiom of truth is that it should improve the lives of all around us.

How we and others feel is part of the truth. Let me share an example which also exemplifies “Curved Knowledge”:

When my spirit friends, by my perception, suggested I move to San Francisco, I felt ready. I drove into the city and with little search put a deposit on an apartment on Vermont Street. It was somewhat dark inside, but it fit my price range.

When I returned home, my daughter was noticeably upset. I’d thought that since my children were both in college, my moving wouldn’t affect them. Clearly I’d been wrong. I called and forfeited my deposit.

The next year, my family was more at peace with the idea of my move and my Spirit friends gave me a clear detail to look for in my new home: “Look for peach colored walls.”

As I drove into San Francisco, I “heard” them guiding me, "turn left here, now turn right . . ." until I stopped on a side street in Noe Valley in front of a For Rent sign. Looking in the window, I saw the parlors had peach colored walls, so I was sure this was the place.

The manager was there and led me through the house. I was undaunted that the entire backyard was filled with blackberry brambles. It had peach-colored walls in the living room! I said I’d take it.

I couldn’t believe it when he told me he couldn’t rent it to me as he’d already rented it. I told him I’d been sure it was meant for me. In response to my earnest disappointment, he told me he knew a woman who had an apartment that had just come available at Church and 26th Street.

This turned out to be a far more desirable space. Although it didn’t have peach-colored walls, it was warm and sunny at an amazingly cheap rent. I lived there for over a year, making friends in the neighborhood and establishing myself in San Francisco.

My husband, who at the time refused to move, visited me, or I’d visit him almost every week. Eventually he agreed to sell our house and buy property in the city with me. After looking at dozens of properties, I sat down early one morning and wrote a list of exactly what we wanted in location, size, style, features and price range. I called my broker, she checked her computer, and told me what I was looking for had just come on the market that morning.

To my amazed delight, the parlors and entry hall of the flat were peach colored! The painted trim color, I found later, was called “Goddess Peach.”

My husband and I have lived in this house for the last twenty years. We continue to seek and learn more about Truth. We eventually painted over the peach in the living rooms, but we still have touches of “Goddess Peach” in the bath and kitchen.

The physical world provides opportunities to check out the validity of our spirit messages. We can become more aware of how we feel and how others feel; we can imagine potential outcomes; await right timing; and pay attention to signs of synchronicity.

Truth is. Our understanding of Truth is a process of unfoldment.

Development of our Spiritual Faculties enables more conscious awareness of the highest and best and most deeply satisfying truths of our lives, expressed through our homes, our livelihood and our relationships.

As we seek truth we gain the support and encouragement of spirit to help us become more tolerant, balanced, harmonious, assured, expressive, discerning, well intentioned, appropriate, and more loyal to our truest self, our highest and best self.

Where we have struggled in the past to maintain our good intentions or keep our resolutions beyond the first days of enthusiasm, through our commitment to seek out and honor Truth, we call in the help and support of our spirit guides to sustain our highest intentions.

Serving truth and serving spirit are inseparable.

It is Truth we are asked to serve and to take personal responsibility for serving. There is no more permeating joy.

  • In seeking Truth we allow the Truth expressed through the great spiritual teachers to encourage the expression of our truth today ;
  • In seeking Truth we continue to unfold our ability in stages of increasing awareness; and
  • In seeking Truth we automatically gain the support and encouragement of the spiritual universe.

As we ring in the new year, take this opportunity to also ring in more of the True.

It will transform you.

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