Seeking, a journal of thoughts, impressions, and imaginative meanderings

These entries are stages in a work-in-progress—my quest. They will be a selection of my writings which I would like to share with others. The title of the journal, Seeking, sets the tone and substance of the writings. The quest has a mystical, spiritual goal and a philosophical foundation, although at times paradoxical. It inspects a wide range of cultural phenomena over the immense span of human activity.

The key I have selected from tradition to open the mystical gate is alchemy, a science now hidden by fable and legend. Alchemy has a Gothic aura; the alchemist, working secretly in the laboratory, changes lead into gold and discovers the elixir of life. The alchemical process centers on the reciprocity between the inner and outer environments. The alchemist through laboratory operations simultaneously reshapes the mindscape. The laboratory operations correspond to analogous mental activities. When the alchemist manipulates the outer environment, the mind goes through intended changes.

Magicians Are Sacred Clowns

The Eco Twins Have Arrived

Sin—Original and Otherwise

Lifting the Veil

The Underground Culture: Images and Symbols

Several Layers of Allegorical Meaning in The Golden Ass

Reflections on Sacred Symbols

Musings on Adam and Eve

Spiritual Reflections

Thoughts on Cultural Roots

Some Thoughts on Goddess Religion

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