Sue Jackson Baldwin Autobio—ongoing

May 2007:

[This news about Sue was received on May 18, 2007, from Don H. who comments, “Hey U2, just returned from couple hours with Sue at Merchandise Mart (in N. Denver) where she and husband, John, now in their 41st married year, and son, Jason, have Early American Artistry & Frontier items on display and for sale at an "Antique Gun" show these 2 days this weekend.”]

Sue and John have -0- computers in their home in West Olive, MI, but their business card does list Early American Artistry as a website; that's the good news --- the bad news is that that website goes to their daughter Melody in Florida. Sue tells me that John's house and company rule is "If you want to communicate with me/us about business or family, our address is PO Box 299, West Olive, MI 49460." That same business card lists a phone number—(616) 399-6035 (their home phone number)—and bears a logo of an arrow head. Their business is named: Early American Artistry Trading - Publishing Company. It's that business that keeps their lives full and the travel miles piling up, especially late spring, summer and early fall, most of 6 months of the year --- including September 15 of this year, probably but not yet sure about September 20, next year.

John has written and caused to be published 6 books in a series named "Of the American Frontier" whose titles are: (1) Tomahawks & Pipe Axes, (2) Early Knives & Beaded Sheaths, (3) Bows Arrows & Quivers, (4) Indian War Clubs, (5) Indian Guns, Spears & Shields, and (6) Pipe Bags & Tobacco Bags. All books include detailed captions, informative text which complement each photograph, gold lettering and deluxe hardbinding and are 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

Those interested can get an order form from Sue or John at the business name & address above.

Sue and John have one other son, Jeb, and have 4 grandchildren. Other bio items are as written by Sue in the AHS Golden Anniversary Reunion booklet, courtesy Marilynn Marshall.

[Final note from Don H: One "COULD" say Sue hasn't aged a day versus her picture in MM's reunion booklet. Her infectious smile, however, has changed very little from 1951 days.]

Sue Jackson Baldwin