Hooray for Pointer Ridge Elementary: A Big Win for Bowie!

Hooray for Pointer Ridge Elementary: A Big Win for Bowie!

Hey, rockstars! We’ve got some fantastic news for all our pals in Bowie, especially those who love spending their school days at Pointer Ridge Elementary. The school board just had a meeting, and guess what? Pointer Ridge is here to stay! Let’s jump into the details of this awesome decision.

Superintendent’s Choice: Pointer Ridge Shines Bright

Meet the decision-maker, Superintendent Millard House II. He gave a big thumbs up to keeping Pointer Ridge Elementary open. But wait, there’s more! He has this super cool plan to turn Pointer Ridge into a special place – a hub for a regional autism program. How awesome is that?

A Regional Autism Program? Tell Me More!

Imagine a school that’s not just a school but a place where kids with autism can learn and shine. That’s the plan for Pointer Ridge. Superintendent House wants to turn it into a hub for a regional autism program. This means kids with autism from all around the region can come together, learn, and have a blast at Pointer Ridge. Talk about turning a school into a superhero!

The Big Vote: Cheers for Keeping Pointer Ridge Open

Now, let’s talk about the big vote. The school board, made up of some super wise folks, gathered together and said, “You know what? Pointer Ridge is too awesome to say goodbye to.” So, they voted, and the decision was loud and clear – Pointer Ridge Elementary stays open! Can we get a cheer for that?

Why Keep Pointer Ridge Open? The Scoop from Superintendent House

So, why did Superintendent House give a big thumbs up to keeping Pointer Ridge open? Well, he’s got this fantastic plan to create a special spot for kids with autism. He believes Pointer Ridge can be the perfect home for a regional autism program, bringing kids together and making learning an incredible adventure.

What’s Next for Pointer Ridge? Get Ready for an Autism Program!

Hold onto your backpacks, because there’s something big coming to Pointer Ridge. With the green light to stay open, the next chapter for Pointer Ridge involves transforming into a hub for a regional autism program. Get ready for exciting lessons, new friendships, and a whole lot of fun at Pointer Ridge Elementary!

Superintendent House: Making Smart Moves for Students

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Superintendent Millard House II. He’s like the captain of the education ship, making smart decisions for students. By choosing to keep Pointer Ridge open and turning it into a special place for kids with autism, he’s adding a touch of magic to the world of education.

Celebrating Pointer Ridge: A Home for Learning and Laughter

So, there you have it – Pointer Ridge Elementary is not just open; it’s gearing up to become a home for learning, laughter, and a fantastic regional autism program. Kudos to the school board, Superintendent House, and everyone who believes in making schools a place where every student can shine bright! – koin303