Johns Hopkins University High Achiever: Renee Liu Soars as Schwarzman Scholar

Johns Hopkins University High Achiever: Renee Liu Soars as Schwarzman Scholar

Renee Liu, one of the best Johns Hopkins University grads, has been named a Schwarzman Scholar, which is a very important title. Liu has had a great time in school. She got into the prestigious Schwarzman College at Beijing’s Tsinghua University and will spend a year studying world politics there. Let’s find out more about this well-known scholar who will cause a stir in China.

There is a lot of history at Johns Hopkins University

Liu did more than just go to Johns Hopkins University. As a swimmer, she was an NCAA All-American. She was also a Leong Research Fellow and led biological engineering design teams. She worked very hard and was very smart because she got her bachelor’s degree in biological engineering a year early in 2022.

The Schwarzman Scholar Award is a big deal

Only 150 students were picked to receive the Schwarzman Scholarship out of 4,000 applications from all over the world. Liu, a standout graduate from Johns Hopkins University, was one of them. You can get a master’s degree in world politics at Schwarzman College if you win this top scholarship. A real-life experience will help her with schoolwork, teach her more about China, and get her ready to be a star one day.

Learning a lot about eye care at Harvard

Liu’s trip was over at that point. She worked as a senior research assistant in the ophthalmology department at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, which is part of Harvard Medical School. There, she helped with projects that looked into how genes affect different eye diseases. She had to go all the way to India for work on an app called PocDoc. At work, she was very important. People can do a lot of eye tests with this smart app that you can usually only get in an eye doctor. PocDoc lets people in remote areas and places with few medical supplies check and monitor their vision from home.

A view of the whole world interests people

It wasn’t just for school that Liu went to India; it also made her interested in health possibilities all over the world. She saw things that made her want to do more to improve the health of people around the world. With the Schwarzman Scholarship, Liu could do the things she loved all over the world.

Get Ready to Lead in China

Now that she has the Schwarzman Scholarship, Liu is ready to go on an exciting school trip to China. Liu learns about how China works and gets a big picture view of what’s going on in the world through the school. It also helps him become a future leader. Because of how intense Schwarzman College is, Liu has a one-of-a-kind chance to change the world and learn more about it.

Next year, Liu’s story will take place in Beijing. There, she will be part of a small group of minds who are making the future. We are so proud of what this Johns Hopkins University graduate has done as we follow her journey. She keeps reaching new heights and making her mark on the world stage.