Soaring to New Heights: Saint Vincent College Aviation Comeback

Soaring to New Heights: Saint Vincent College Aviation Comeback

Hey there, future aviators! Guess what’s taking off at Saint Vincent College? They’re bringing back the aviation vibes with a brand new Bachelor of Science in Aviation program. Let’s dive into the details and see how this exciting journey is about to take flight!

Meet the Captain of Saint Vincent College: Dr. Michael Urick

In charge of this aviation adventure is none other than Dr. Michael Urick, the dean of the McKenna School of Business, Economics, and Government at Saint Vincent College. He’s steering the ship, or should we say, the airplane, to new heights. According to Dr. Urick, now is the perfect time for Saint Vincent to take flight with this program.

Why Aviation Now? The Pilot Shortage Puzzle

Here’s the deal – airlines are on the lookout for thousands of pilots this year alone. Boeing, the big-shot plane maker, predicts that the U.S. will need a whopping 127,000 new pilots by 2043. That’s where Saint Vincent College is stepping in. They see the need, and they’re ready to train the next generation of sky conquerors.

Back to the Future: Saint Vincent’s Aviation Legacy

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time they spreading its wings in the aviation world. They were pioneers, my friends! Back in 1929, when the Great Gatsby was all the rage, Saint Vincent became the very first school in the nation with a flight and ground program. The aviation journey faced some turbulence during the Great Depression, but the spirit lived on through an aviation club.

Gabe Monzo’s Excitement: Setting the Skies Ablaze

Gabe Monzo, the big cheese at the Westmoreland County Airport Authority, is pretty thrilled about this aviation revival. He sees endless possibilities taking flight, and we can’t help but catch the excitement bug. The sky’s the limit, and Saint Vincent College is gearing up to make some aviation magic.

Big Reveal: Get Ready for the Announcement

Drumroll, please! Saint Vincent College is all set to shout it from the rooftops – or should we say, the clouds. They’re gearing up for a grand announcement about this new aviation program. Imagine the buzz as the news takes flight! So, mark your calendars because the big reveal is just around the corner.

Flying into the Future: Classes Start in September

If you’re ready to spread your wings and join this aviation adventure, the good news is that classes kick off in September. Saint Vincent College is turning its campus in Latrobe into an aviation hub, where students will be prepped to take on the skies. Come September, the journey begins, and who knows, in four years, we might be seeing Saint Vincent graduates soaring through the clouds, solving America’s pilot shortage like real aviation heroes!

So, buckle up, future pilots! Saint Vincent College is here to make your aviation dreams take flight. Together, we rise, and soon, you’ll be rising above the clouds!